Universal Crossword Answers

On this page you will be able to find all the Universal Crossword Answers and Solutions for the daily crossword clues.

Universal Crossword Answers

About Universal Crossword

Universal Crossword is a provider of syndicated puzzle. It has become the most popular interactive puzzle feature on the Internet and is the largest attraction.  In November 1996, Parker founded the “Daily Crossword,” one of the first online syndicated crossword puzzles.

As the  creator Timothy E. Parker has coupled his love of crossword puzzles with his computer knowledge to generate some of the most creative and challenging puzzles being published today. Plus he’s enlisted the best puzzle makers in the industry to keep his product fresh. In addition to innovative and intriguing puzzles, this first book of Universal Crosswords has other features that set it apart from traditional crossword puzzle books. It includes 100 tips on solving puzzles from the pros along with a difficulty gauge and a scoring system based on time and degree of difficulty

The longtime editor of two major crossword puzzle series is temporarily stepping away from his editorial role, the puzzles’ publishers announced Monday, three days after FiveThirtyEight.com  published an investigation into accusations of plagiarism against him. Timothy Parker has edited thousands of puzzles for Universal over many years, and Universal has high regard for his work.