Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

July 29 2021

Pirate flag consisting of a white skull and crossbones on a black background (5,5) crossword clue John —, 1987, 1994 and 1995 British Fashion Awards Designer of the Year (8) crossword clue See 1 Across crossword clue 2009 sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell (10) crossword clue James McNeill —, US artist whose works include Arrangement in Grey and Black, No 1: The Artist's Mother (8) crossword clue Actor who played Jason Grimshaw in ITV soap Coronation Street from 2000-16 (4,6) crossword clue Anne-Marie —, actress who portrayed Julia Lennon in 2009 biopic Nowhere Boy (4) crossword clue Stork of southeast Asia and India such as the greater — or lesser — (8) crossword clue The —, 1978 debut novel by Timothy Mo (6,4) crossword clue Digital system used in British television for the reception of stereo sound signals (5) crossword clue 1981 romcom starring Gordon John Sinclair and Dee Hepburn (8,4) crossword clue 1981 novel by Peter Carey (5) crossword clue Town on the River Tyne; home of the Venerable Bede (6) crossword clue A Z —, Durham and former Yorkshire batsman; 2014 Cricket Writers' Club Young Cricketer of the Year (4) crossword clue 1918 debut novel by Wyndham Lewis (4) crossword clue William —, commander of the HMS Bounty who died in 1817 (5) crossword clue Inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in Cork, Republic of Ireland, housing Whiddy Island (6,3) crossword clue Valerie —, actress who played the title role in 1948 film drama Blanche Fury (6) crossword clue Evans —, 2004 London Marathon and Chicago Marathon men's race winner (5) crossword clue Black-skinned wine grape of California (9) crossword clue View All

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