Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

March 20 2019

1937 novel by John Steinbeck crossword clue 2011 adventure-comedy film starring Danny McBride and James Franco crossword clue National airline of Belgium that went bankrupt in 2001 crossword clue Boxer portrayed by Paul Newman in 1956 biopic Somebody Up There Likes Me crossword clue 1983 novel by Elmore Leonard crossword clue Carol — Scottish television presenter whose credits include Changing Rooms and Wheel of Fortune crossword clue Philippe — rugby union centre; 1982 France Test debutant against Romania crossword clue Cud-chewing mammal native to South America crossword clue Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story first published in 1892 crossword clue US burlesque performer sister of actress June Havoc who died in 1970 crossword clue Genus of plants of the daisy family native to North America that includes black-eyed Susan crossword clue Patsy — inaugural winner of the UK Championship snooker tournament in 1977 crossword clue The — 1797 novel by Mrs Ann Radcliffe subtitled The Confessional of the Black Penitents crossword clue The — 1981 horror film starring Bruce Campbell crossword clue The — one of three ships commanded by Christopher Columbus in 1492 crossword clue Genus of tropical trees with pale purple or blue trumpet-shaped flowers crossword clue Keith — actor who played the title role in 1970 BBC TV historical drama series The Six Wives of Henry VIII crossword clue Grand tournament in sumo wrestling crossword clue Michael — BBC TV weatherman who retired from full-time forecasting in 2004 crossword clue Watery liquid that separates from the curd when milk is clotted crossword clue View All

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