Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

April 09 2020

Ancient Athenian statesman whose code of laws prescribed death for almost every offence crossword clue Follower of Don John in the William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing crossword clue Sacred book of Islam crossword clue Hana — 1987 Australian Open singles tennis champion crossword clue British bronze coin that ceased to be legal tender in 1961 crossword clue 2008 animated film starring the voice talent of John Cusack in the title role crossword clue First king of Israel in the Old Testament crossword clue Large hard grains of wheat that are used for puddings and soups crossword clue 1992 film drama starring Craig Sheffer and Brad Pitt crossword clue Lake — body of water in northwest Russia between Lake Ladoga and the White Sea crossword clue Socialistic movement in England from 1837-48 whose programme demanded vote by secret ballot crossword clue London Underground station on the District Line between Barking and Becontree crossword clue Husband of Goneril in the William Shakespeare play King Lear crossword clue Steve — 1986 Commonwealth 800m gold medallist crossword clue The — 1925 film directed written by and starring Charlie Chaplin crossword clue Head of a gang of thieves in Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist crossword clue Long soft silky hair that makes up the outer coat of an Angora goat crossword clue In Mexican cookery a snack consisting of a piece of tortilla topped with cheese and peppers and grilled crossword clue Richard — author of the novels In Watermelon Sugar and Trout Fishing in America crossword clue Simon — creator of the ITV sitcoms Is It Legal? and Hardware crossword clue View All

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