Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

January 16 2019

Wife of a co-owner of Macy’s department store New York portrayed on screen by Elsa Raven in 1997 film Titanic crossword clue Rich — Perrier Comedy Award winner at the 2000 Edinburgh Festival Fringe crossword clue 1980s ITV sketch show featuring Siobhan Redmond and Robbie Coltrane crossword clue 1929 P G Wodehouse novel featuring the character Mortimer Mason crossword clue Island in the Firth of Clyde off the SW coast of Scotland crossword clue North American fish similar to the herring crossword clue Josef — Czech composer of symphony Asrael and tone poem A Summer's Tale crossword clue 1974 novel by Richard Adams crossword clue Jeff — actor who played the title role in 1970s ITV sitcom Billy Liar crossword clue 2000 crime film starring Michael Caine and Martin Landau crossword clue 1953 novel by Anthony Buckeridge crossword clue 2000 UK no 1 single by Eminem crossword clue Small dog of a Tibetan breed with a well-feathered tail carried curled over its back crossword clue Cricket team; 1997 County Championship winners crossword clue English county whose administrative centre is Ipswich crossword clue Leighton — inaugural winner of the World Darts Championship in 1978 crossword clue Clearing house for university applications in the UK from 1961-93 crossword clue G R — India Test cricketer who hit 222 against England in Chennai in 1982 crossword clue Falcon formerly known in the US as the duck hawk crossword clue Diving bird of northern oceans with a black and white plumage crossword clue View All

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