Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

July 19 2019

1953 crime film starring Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame crossword clue Industrial city in Limburg Netherlands; a major coalmining centre from the late 19th century to the early 1970s crossword clue Rainer Maria — Prague-born poet whose works include 1923 volume Duino Elegies crossword clue Joe — rugby union full-back and wing; 1995-2004 Australia Test player crossword clue Small ornamented case for holding needles or cosmetics crossword clue Tall annual grass with soft bluish-green leaves crossword clue Desert in North Africa crossword clue Mount — stratovolcano in southern Alaska that erupted in 1912 crossword clue Genus of evergreen shrubs including the common — whose bitter leaves are used in herbal medicine crossword clue Fish of the salmon family such as the lake — crossword clue Musical symbol that when placed before a note lowers it in pitch by a semitone crossword clue Leslie — Lord of Appeal in Ordinary from 1977-86; chairman of inquiries into the Grunwick dispute and Brixton riots crossword clue Capital of island Aruba in the Caribbean Sea crossword clue William Shakespeare play subtitled What You Will whose characters include Valentine and Curio crossword clue Jennifer — actress who portrayed Myrtle Logue in 2010 biopic The King's Speech crossword clue Mouse in George Herriman’s cartoon strip Krazy Kat crossword clue Frederick — tea merchant who opened a free museum bearing his name in London in 1901 crossword clue Larry — US virtuoso mouth organ player who died in 2001 crossword clue 1986 novel by Ellis Peters crossword clue Liqueur made from a secret formula developed at a French monastery in the 16th century crossword clue View All

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