Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

October 15 2018

Philippine plant related to the banana whose leafstalks are the source of Manila hemp crossword clue Shrimp-like marine crustacean; principal food of whalebone whales crossword clue 1978 stage musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice crossword clue Actress who played Nicola Murray in BBC TV comedy series The Thick of It crossword clue Ottorino — Italian composer of operas Maria Egiziaca and Semirama crossword clue Edward — actor who starred as Arnold Bedford in 1964 adventure film First Men in the Moon crossword clue Pieter — Dutch painter whose works include 1647 still life Breakfast with Ham crossword clue M J — Australia Test cricketer who hit an unbeaten 103 against England at Edgbaston in 2009 crossword clue Annual plant with edible sticky green pods also called ladies' fingers crossword clue 2002-04 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner ridden by Jim Culloty crossword clue 1578 novel by John Lyly subtitled The Anatomy of Wit crossword clue — Castle Kent home of Anne Boleyn before her marriage to Henry VIII crossword clue Larry — actor who played the title role in 1946 biopic The Jolson Story crossword clue 1981 novel by Peter Carey crossword clue Cyd — actress-dancer who played Fiona Campbell in 1954 film musical Brigadoon crossword clue The — 1953 film drama starring Richard Burton and Jean Simmons crossword clue Liquid of shellac dissolved in alcohol that dries to form a hard protective coating crossword clue Heavyweight boxer; 1967 and 1970 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award winner crossword clue Tycho — Danish astronomer who established the Uraniborg Observatory on the island of Hven crossword clue Tree or shrub of the genus Myrica also called bayberry crossword clue View All

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