Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

December 18 2018

Norwich-born singer-songwriter known for his association with the Beatles in Hamburg in the 1960s crossword clue Country in NE Africa; capital Asmara crossword clue Worm that feeds on the blood or tissues of other animals crossword clue Highest point in a solid figure crossword clue Geoffrey — 1966-87 Conservative MP for Hexham; Secretary of State for the Environment from 1972-74 crossword clue Rodney — comic actor who played Bob Ferris in BBC TV sitcom The Likely Lads crossword clue Noele — actress who starred as Meg Richardson in ITV soap Crossroads crossword clue Steve — 1986 Commonwealth 800m gold medallist crossword clue 1997 sci-fi film starring Mira Sorvino and Jeremy Northam crossword clue Willie — satirist cartoonist and co-founder of Private Eye magazine who died in 1996 crossword clue 1980 Olympic men's 400m gold medallist crossword clue F M — India Test cricketer who hit 121 against England in Mumbai in 1973 crossword clue Department of SE France; capital Grenoble crossword clue Edgar — painter and sculptor whose works include 1877's Dancers Practicing at the Barre crossword clue John Everett — English painter whose works include 1871’s The Somnambulist crossword clue 1965 film written and directed by Peter Watkins that won a Best Documentary Academy Award crossword clue 1996 film drama starring John Travolta and Kyra Sedgwick crossword clue Standard monetary unit of Japan crossword clue Jonathan — 2015-17 Superbike World Championship winner crossword clue Sara — author of detective novels Toxic Shock and Tunnel Vision crossword clue View All

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