Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

September 22 2019

1975 film drama starring Steven Keats and Carol Kane crossword clue Genus of South American plants cultivated for their funnel-shaped flowers crossword clue 2011 story collection by Julian Barnes crossword clue Liverpudlian director of films Repo Chick Repo Man and Walker crossword clue 1981-94 Bantustan in southeast South Africa now part of Eastern Cape crossword clue 1966 BBC TV play by Samuel Beckett starring Jack MacGowran in the title role crossword clue Small fried triangular pastry case in Indian cookery containing spiced vegetables crossword clue 1982 action film starring Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner crossword clue Small fleshy flap of tissue at the back of the throat; an extension of the soft palate crossword clue Pieter — Dutch painter whose works include 1677's A Musical Party in a Courtyard crossword clue Scarlets rugby union scrum-half; 2014 Wales Test debutant against South Africa crossword clue Line on a map linking places of equal temperature crossword clue Sergio — director of 1984 film drama Once Upon a Time in America crossword clue State of northeast India producing large quantities of tea crossword clue North American freshwater fish such as the white — crossword clue Tourist town in Kent on the English Channel housing a 16th-century castle crossword clue God of fire and metal-working in Greek mythology crossword clue Genus of plants that includes the Jerusalem artichoke crossword clue Pop group that performed the title song of 1987 action film The Living Daylights crossword clue Ivo — 2016 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships men's singles title winner crossword clue View All

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