Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

February 20 2019

Large seaside town in Merseyside on the Irish Sea coast crossword clue 1998 film drama starring Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow crossword clue Author of novels Dr Franklin's Island and Siberia crossword clue 2017 film drama starring Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce crossword clue 2000 action film starring Sylvester Stallone in the title role crossword clue Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables deep-fried in batter crossword clue Golf scoring system in which a player or team earns a point for each hole they have won crossword clue John — musician; author of 1965 volume A Spaniard in the Works crossword clue Metal censer suspended from chains in which incense is burnt during church services crossword clue Small constellation also called the Little Bear crossword clue Prickly shrub with red berry-like fruits crossword clue Winning end to a game of chess crossword clue Scientific study of celestial objects space and the universe as a whole crossword clue Maureen — actress who played Esmeralda in 1939 film drama The Hunchback of Notre Dame crossword clue 1957-65 BBC TV current affairs programme presented by Cliff Michelmore crossword clue 2000 adventure-comedy film starring Breckin Meyer and Seann William Scott crossword clue The — 1912 volume of verse by Walter de la Mare crossword clue Benjamin — poet; author of novels Refugee Boy and Face crossword clue Small tree or shrub whose leaves are used to make a beverage crossword clue Arthur — author of 1952 memoir A Pattern of Islands crossword clue View All

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