Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

October 22 2018

Andrea — 1975 European Indoor Championships 60m gold medallist crossword clue Ian — 1958 Commonwealth 220 yds butterfly swimming gold medallist crossword clue Freddie — entrepreneur associated with the Skytrain project who died in 2006 crossword clue 1954 biopic starring Marlon Brando as Napoleon Bonaparte crossword clue 1993 novel by Danielle Steel crossword clue Comedian-actor who plays the title role in BBC TV series Jonathan Creek crossword clue Department of France; capital Moulins crossword clue Peter — 17th-century painter whose works include Girl with a Parrot and Two Ladies of the Lake Family crossword clue High Court judge in the Isle of Man crossword clue Honey-yielding tree also called the Chilean wine palm crossword clue Medieval stringed instrument resembling the violin crossword clue Stacy — US actor who played the title role in 1974 film drama Luther crossword clue Michael — Aberdeen-born dancer-choreographer who started his own company in 1984 crossword clue Territory of NW Canada; capital Whitehorse crossword clue Walter — US manufacturer who introduced the Plymouth motor car in 1928 crossword clue Joe — violinist and bandleader whose signature tune was In the Mood crossword clue Arcangelo — Italian violinist and composer born in 1653 noted for his Twelve concerti grossi crossword clue 2000 novel by Catherine Alliott crossword clue Alfred — Austrian psychiatrist; author of The Neurotic Character and The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology crossword clue Actor who played the title role in 1949 film drama The Bad Lord Byron crossword clue View All

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