Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

February 26 2020

Patricia — author of the novels Ripley Under Ground and Ripley’s Game crossword clue Supreme creator god in Norse mythology crossword clue US state whose capital is Jefferson City crossword clue Antal — Budapest-born conductor awarded an honorary KBE in 1983 crossword clue G R J — England cricketer whose 1973 Test debut was against India at Kanpur crossword clue Michael — winner of the 2012 Tokyo marathon crossword clue Any one of the ten black-belt grades of judo proficiency crossword clue 1849 novel by Charlotte Bronte crossword clue Mirjana — 1998 Australian Open women’s doubles tennis champion with Martina Hingis crossword clue Port on the Illinois River in central Illinois US crossword clue Lower house of Parliament of India crossword clue French mathematician born in 1596 regarded as the founder of modern philosophy crossword clue The — 1978 novel by Emma Tennant crossword clue Small songbird with a dull green plumage and striped crown crossword clue Progressive disease of the liver sometimes caused by excessive alcohol crossword clue Port and university city in west Turkey crossword clue N — England Test cricketer who hit 207 against Australia at Edgbaston in 1997 crossword clue Keith — musician and actor whose roles included Uncle Ernie in 1975 film musical Tommy crossword clue Gavin — British sculptor and conceptual artist whose installations include 2004’s The Golden Thread crossword clue Actor who played the title role in 1923 silent film drama The Hunchback of Notre Dame crossword clue View All

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