Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

July 16 2020

1987-2001 Denmark goalkeeper; Manchester United 1999 Champions League Final winner crossword clue Niccolo — Genoa-born composer of 24 Caprices for Solo Violin who died in 1840 crossword clue Guillermo — 2004 French Open singles tennis championship runner-up crossword clue City in Russia on the Oka River named after the first leader of the Cheka crossword clue Name of Zimbabwe from 1964-79 crossword clue James — author of 1957 autobiographical novel A Death in the Family crossword clue Huddersfield-born football defender; Arsenal 1971 FA Cup Final winner crossword clue Eva Marie — Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for On the Waterfront crossword clue Robber in the New Testament released at the Passover instead of Jesus crossword clue Wading bird with a long neck and commonly grey or white plumage crossword clue Kerry — Australian media mogul who launched World Series Cricket in 1977 crossword clue Writer for children who created the Famous Five and Secret Seven series crossword clue Max — 1934-35 World Heavyweight boxing champion crossword clue Matsuo — 17th-century Japanese poet known for The Narrow Road To The Deep North crossword clue 1939 novel by James Joyce crossword clue Woody climbing plant of New Zealand with sweet-tasting fruit crossword clue Member of a Mexican Indian people whose great empire was overthrown by Hernan Cortes in the 16th century crossword clue Cricket team; 2014 and 2015 County Championship Division One winners crossword clue Boxing sanctioning organisation run by Edward S Levine crossword clue Hardy — dressmaker by appointment to Queen Elizabeth II who founded a fashion house in 1946 crossword clue View All

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