Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers

October 21 2018

Julia — actress who plays Selina Meyer in US television comedy series Veep crossword clue Baruch — Dutch philosopher whose Ethics was posthumously published in 1677 crossword clue 1949 crime drama film starring Humphrey Bogart and Alexander Knox crossword clue Province of SE Pakistan whose capital is Karachi crossword clue Nastassja — actress who starred in 1984 film drama Maria's Lovers crossword clue Liverpudlian entertainer; UK representative in the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest crossword clue R A L — Australia Test cricketer who took 8-84 and 8-53 against England at Lord's in 1972 crossword clue 1997 film comedy starring Rowan Atkinson in the title role crossword clue Narcotic drug extracted from the unripe seeds of a poppy crossword clue George — Secretary of State for Scotland from 1979-86 crossword clue Prime minister of New Zealand from 1997-99 crossword clue 1981 novel by Jack Higgins crossword clue City in Uusimaa Finland housing the Gallen-Kallela Museum crossword clue Deep-bodied Eurasian freshwater fish crossword clue Another name for Greek goddess Artemis used poetically to denote the Moon crossword clue The — 2009 novel by Dan Brown crossword clue 2009 film drama starring Ben Barnes in the title role crossword clue Nellie — artistic gymnast; 1976 Olympic team floor exercise and vault gold medallist crossword clue Hypnotist in 1895 George du Maurier novel Trilby crossword clue Jean — 1970 Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Happy Ending crossword clue View All

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